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Composite Images

Composite images are a combination of visual elements to create one final image. Composite images are a fun way to create a fantasy or whimsical type image. These images are created in three parts;

1. Consultation about what type of image you envision.

2. Outdoor or indoor photography session.  This is done to create the right lighting and placement for the image.

3. Creation of the final image by merging two to several images together in a Composite. Composite images can take several hours to piece together to ensure the image blends together well. The goal is to make the image as realistic as possible.


$50 - $100.00 for outdoor or indoor photography session. Depending on complexity of the image.

$25 per hour to put the composite image together. 

-props available on request (wagon, fishing rod, butterfly net, binoculars, bubbles, lanterns)

* Please note that only the best and most edifying images are chosen and edited. Raw image files are the property of the photographer and not given to or seen by the client. All images are kept for a period of one year then deleted in a confidential manner.


A Photographer/client signed contract may be required for more complex images.


You may be asked to sign a release to allow your image to be used on social media.