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Who is Karen?

Karen Morgenstern grew up in the Okanagan Valley where her parents instilled a sense of wonder, adventure and curiosity for the outdoors. As a child,

weekend and summers encompassed hiking, backpacking,

canoeing and camping. Although at the time, she remembers

whining and complaining bitterly about the bugs, long hikes

and pit toilets these memories would become a source of



As a young adult Karen completed her degree in Nursing and

Certificate in Critical Care through British Columbia

Institute of Technology. Life became busy with work and

raising 4 fascinating and inquisitive children. The curiosity and passion for the outdoors seemed to dull and diminish with the rush and pull of everyday life.

This changed in 2008 when her family had the opportunity to live in South Africa for a year.Excitedly, she bought her first camera for the trip, a Canon Powershot. This set into motion a personal and profound relationship with photography. From behind this little camera her world became alive, an impression of vision and sense of purpose. A means to express, create and story tell.


Today, Karen can be found behind her Canon R5 with a multitude of lens and filters. She enjoys photographing all things outdoors, but her passion is in creating magical, retro composites by blending both photography and Photoshop skills together. She has achieved several awards through both CAPA – Canadian Association for Photographic Art and The Toronto International Salon. Aside from photography she can be found on the Pickleball court laughing and creating havoc or working up north in Remote First Nation’s communities.

Mcniel lake_edited_edited.jpg

Experience and Photography Courses Taken

2010: Posing and Directing. Instructor Bobbi Lane.
2011: Fine Art Nature Photography. Instructor Kathleen Clemons
2012: Gestalt Psychology in Photography. Instructor Joe Baraban.
2013: The Art of Seeing. Instructor Brian Peterson.
2014: Color. Instructor Cheryl Machat.
2015:Photography. Instructor Ted Peters.
2016: One on one mentoring with Joe Baraban.
2018: Becoming a Professional Outdoor Photographer,  Instructor Charlie Borland.


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